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About Project

Project ”Digital Diplomacy: Building the Common Future with Technology”, approved by Erasmus+ programme – KA2 – Cooperation partnerships in higher education (KA203) – started with its activities in March 2022.

The main objective of DD-Tech is to develop a “Digital Diplomacy Module” that enables students to develop skills to carry out digital diplomacy culture, apply it in innovation processes and improve their technological response/solutions capacities.

Istanbul University is coordinating this EU project, led by Dr. Ozgun Erler Bayir. Project partners are University of Tartu (Estonia), Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Italy), University of Bucharest (Romania), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), and Istanbul Commerce University (Turkey).

The total project budget is 234 743,00 €.

The project duration is three years (28-02-2022 to 27-02-2025)

The card of the project can be also viewed on the European Commission’s website

Specific objectives:

  • Preparing students for higher education and adopting ICT technologies to the learning applications
  • Creating an interactive content that will enable curriculum updates to be developed with constantly developing new technologies
  • Development of network-based learning applications (e-case study, e-project management) to adopt new technologies to higher education
  • Discovery of common cooperation opportunities in different fields. With digital diplomacy teaching, we aim to help students in developing their skills to identify and analyze the key problems and opportunities of digitalization, cyberspace, internet governance by applying a digital diplomacy mindset.

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