Call for applications – intensive training – “Digital Diplomacy – Contemporary Puzzles, Challenges and Trends” – at University of Bucharest

International pilot student training module

University of Bucharest, 12-16 June 2023

Credits: 3 ECTS 

This one-week intensive module offers students from six European universities the opportunity to explore the fundamental puzzles of contemporary diplomacy in digital contexts under the guidance of experts from both the academia and diplomatic circles.

The module is developed within the project Digital Diplomacy: Building the Common Future with Technology (DD-Tech) funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme, KA203 Cooperation partnerships in higher education.

Special keynote: Prof. Corneliu Bjola, University of Oxford


Each topic includes a theoretical and conceptual introduction followed by a series of practical individual and team exercises.

1. New Types and Features of Diplomacy 

Introduction to the basics of contemporary diplomatic work, in historical, institutional, political, economic and socio-cultural contexts. More specifically, this section presents how, when and under which conditions modern diplomatic activities have developed, and which are the features and forms of modern diplomacy, as well as it introduces the field of digital diplomacy.

2. Shaping the Future: Trending Technologies

Introduction to the basics of contemporary technologies that have significant social, economic and political impact, with a focus on the new trends in technology such as big data analysis, cyber world, blockchain, Open Innovation 2.0, artificial intelligence, augmentative reality, social media analysis and ICTs.

3. Innovation, Digitalization, and Digital Culture

Presentation of the contemporary nexus between innovation, digitalization and digital culture, as well as the challenges and opportunities that derive from it, with a focus on how common global problems can use technology and innovation to find solutions for them and the different sectors that are impacted by such problems, identifying in the process the role of digital literacy and digital diplomacy.

4. Digital Diplomacy Governance and Transformation of Institutions

Exploration of the dynamics of contemporary global governance, as well as its relation to digitalization and digital diplomacy. The debates introduce the major concepts and debates on global governance, and the role and types of actions that the impact of the digitalization has on this changing institutional and normative context, with a specific focus on how digital diplomacy can mitigate some of the more difficult challenges.

Special professional events

Optional additional activity

17 June: participation in panels with diplomats, hospitality industry, and other stakeholders, followed by an evening official opening reception as part of the pilot edition of the Bucharest International Gastro-Diplomacy (BIG-D) Fest (17-22 June 2023)

Participating universities

The selection process and funding of the mobility are managed by the participating university for its own students and teaching staff.

More information at:

Call for applications – intensive training – “Digital Diplomacy – Contemporary Puzzles, Challenges and Trends” – at University of Bucharest

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