Module DD-Tech with 5 courses

During the DD-Tech project, one module with 5 courses will be developed (5 ECTS in total). The module has 5 courses and focuses on the student’s use of their knowledge and skills by “learning by doing”.

Platform for DD-Tech

Development of the Project Portal has interconnected goals: sharing all of the educational materials providing by DD-Tech & the learning community along and at the end of the project dissemination of the project outcomes (good practices, further  research on digital diplomacy). Since the MOOCs can reach a larger audience and can also be used both by partner universities and stake-holders, the platform will improve the project’s visibility and support the whole work.

Teacher Manual Module DD-Tech

A teacher manual will be designed with a description of 6 courses. Every course will have a teacher manual. Due to the impact of the intellectual output, each partner of the project can notice a constituted model of the module.

Monitoring Instrument

We will create an online tool to monitor the student’s digital diplomacy skills. The online tool for monitoring instrument of the Module DD-Tech starts with 0-measurement and in the end there will be the second one. The tool will be innovative & new and  involves all of the students and teachers in the DD-Tech. The impact of the instrument is that students and teachers know to what extent the improvement of digital skills and embracement of digital diplomacy culture of the student has been realized.

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